Whether you’ve worked before, or you’re brand new to this world – I cannot recommend Funhouse highly enough. 

I was lucky enough to begin my journey here, but I’ve also explored the industry in NZ and abroad by visiting different establishments and have met other Madams and Pimps. My conclusion has always been the same: there is nowhere else in the world I would choose to do this work.

Mary is an absolute pleasure to work with and get to know. She has dedicated decades of her life to the industry, and was involved in fighting for the decriminalisation of sex work in New Zealand – for which I’m so grateful. She continues to advocate for us workers and her house of fun is a place of fantasy – I feel like an ancient Greek courtesan working here.

You’ll also never be pushed into doing a job if you’re just not in the mood to have sex – even if you’ve previously agreed to be on call. If you don’t click with a client, Mary won’t egg you on to see them again. I’ve felt so safe and respected here, by both Mary and the gentlemen I’ve met. And very importantly, I’ve felt comfortable in the few instances where I’ve needed to say “no”.

I think it’s key to remember when making the decision to start sex work that you are not simply “renting” your body. You bring your whole self to the client, your personality, your individual quirks and preferences. At FH, sessions can be about mutual pleasure and exploration. I’ve found that clients are usually adoring – they lavish me in affection and are in generally in awe that they get to be naked in the same room as me! They also pay me generously for my time.

Mary’s partner Mikel is not only respectful (and hilariously funny), but he’s also created the interior design of Funhouse so beautifully. Clients and I often marvel together at how luxurious it feels, and how we wish we could live there!

As well as this, at work I get to dress up, and present myself beautifully too! I’ve gained such confidence in my body since starting work here. I no longer look in the mirror and see only my flaws – I’m more inclined to see what my clients see when looking at me.

Whatever your reasons for considering escort work, if you want to be respected by both your management and clients, have flexibility in your working hours, spend time in a beautiful environment and get paid well – I strongly suggest you apply here first.

I almost forgot to mention one of the greatest aspects of working here – I know my life wouldn’t be the same without the incredible women I’ve met here. Some of whom have become close and cherished friends. Don’t be afraid of a catty dressing room, new workers are always warmly welcomed into the fold – we’ve all found ourselves here and often share a common way of looking at life.

All the best, and don’t be afraid to reach out to Mary if you’ve been thinking about making the leap.


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