As a gender studies student, I was always naturally inclined to be curious about the inner workings of the sex industry, and after having a discussion about it with a friend (and finally realising it to be a possibility), I decided to do some research into the idea of becoming a working girl.

I went to several interviews with different establishments around Wellington and all seemed possible prospects…. and then I met Mary. She sat down and told me everything there was to know about Funhouse and immediately put all my stigmal preconceptions of the industry at ease. I have been a working girl with Funhouse now for 3 years and I have had a lot of fun- I’ve met plenty of amazing and interesting people (both girls and clients) satiated my sex drive, opened my mind, (not to mention paid off my student loan!) and had the opportunity to travel and culture myself as a result.

I am quite confident in saying Funhouse is the best establishment in New Zealand! At least I know I would never look anywhere else.

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