Katie – Funhouse Testimonial


I came to Funhouse having worked already, but in a very different environment – and I’m so grateful that I had, because I knew exactly how good I had it at Funhouse!

Mary is an absolute dream to work for, understanding, caring and a lot of fun, and I count myself very fortunate to maintain a relationship with her even now I’ve stopped working. I chose to leave because of personal circumstances, but if I was ever considering coming back into the industry, Funhouse would be the only place I would work. ”

Mary takes incredibly good care of her girls. She always respected my boundaries (which can be rare to find in this line of work!), gave me opportunities to try new things and generally mothered me. She was a great intermediary between me and the clients – the clients, in 99 per cent of cases, were absolutely lovely, but if there was ever a problem, Mary had no hesitation in stepping in, and I always felt that she was on my side. She really cared about my wellbeing both inside and outside of work.

I truly had a lot of fun at Funhouse – I met some wonderful girls, had great regular clients, earned great money, and had a lot of freedom and flexibility. It’s not a job that everyone can do – but if you’re going to do it, do it at Funhouse.