So…you’re curious about the sex industry in general, or perhaps curious about what it’s like to work here at Funhouse?

I can say with certainty that every woman I’ve met at Funhouse has a different story, and a different personality, different looks, different sexualities, and different lives.  One thing we do have in common is that we decided to work at Funhouse with Mary and the multi-talented funhouse family.

When I met Mary I found her to be friendly, warm, to the point, and I liked her straight away. She gave me straight answers which I appreciated.  I decided to meet a client, realised that I could do it, and then came on board as an escort at Funhouse!

For me the best things about my job are the autonomy, the free time I have to pursue my other interests, and I actually really enjoy having sex and being intimate with some of my clients! I find the hard parts are coming up against other people’s views and beliefs about the industry and the people who work in it-which are multiple and subjective and often hard to keep up with! To counter that I have a little group who know what I do as a job and I keep them in the loop if I need to, otherwise I just get on with my life!

Working as an escort isn’t for everyone, but if you are considering working in the sex industry I think you should do your research and meet Mary. I have found Funhouse to be a safe and respectful place to work, and I get on really well with my boss, the other girls, and my clients. A happy workplace makes a happy worker.

So, happy decision making!


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