Working at Funhouse has been the most rewarding experience, for so many different reasons. It’s given me a newfound confidence, assertiveness and made me feel more comfortable within myself. It’s also given me the opportunity to embrace my sexuality and shed surrounding guilts about sex in general. I think that society and media sometimes push a narrative where we are made to feel ashamed about sex and our desires.

Funhouse is a welcoming place, where you are free to explore and learn in a safe space with no judgements. Being new to the industry prior to Funhouse, I have been pleasantly surprised with all the positive aspects sex work has had in my life. I feel a lot more empowered these days. Mary is an inspiring woman to be around, and a second mother to us all. She truly is a badass who looks after her girls. Being around the other ladies is so comforting, they are all beautiful, kind, and strong woman. Mary truly does have a gift for picking amazing woman.

I am proud of the person Funhouse has made me.

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