I had often thought about the world and life of an escort. It fascinated me in a way that I couldn’t let go, I needed to see what this secret sexy world was all about.

I gained the confidence to contact Mary one night, my biggest fear was that I was too old and not what she was wanting at Funhouse.  Shortly after we exchanged some emails and some pics of me in lingerie, I was meeting her for coffee.  To say I was nervous was an understatement. I’d thought I was prepared but nope, I had no idea what to expect.

Mary told me that she only interviews about 10% of the women who contact her and of them only a select few actually get the opportunity to go into and hopefully work at Funhouse.  Upon meeting Mary and hearing about how it all works, I wanted in and I knew I could provide what she was wanting from an escort.

Mary: Words can’t describe how bloody amazing, smart, talented and insightful this wonderful woman is. Mary is happy to share, help, educate, guide you through anything and any aspect of sex work, men, life, washing machines… anything! I love her! I feel as though some people come into your life for whatever reason and you wonder how you lived without them… This is how I feel about Mary.

Funhouse:  Walking into Funhouse for the first time was an experience I will never forget. The lighting, feel, calming music, layout and sensual vibe of the place is so amazing. Mary has created a professional yet alluring establishment. It excites me every time I walk in.

Escorts: The support from the women who work there is fantastic, such a great community who care about each other. I genuinely can’t wait to see them and hope to bump into as many as possible when I go in. There is never a dull moment of giggles, lingerie, baby wipes, clothes and shoes! Oh the shoes…. so many colours to choose from!!  We are so very lucky that Mary has provided for us an abundant amount of shoes to use and choose!

I had no idea how to feel or what to expect when I started at Funhouse… but now I can’t see it not being a part of my life, especially my friendship with Mary.

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