There are two questions that are asked of all sex workers.

1. Why did you get into it?

and 2. Are you okay?

For me, the answers are pretty simple; I got into it because I wanted an interesting means of supporting my other less lucrative and more time consuming career.

And yes, I am more than okay.

Actually, I am better than I’ve been in ages, because for the first time in a long time I don’t have any work worries.  Because Mary runs such a tight ship I don’t have to worry about bookings, privacy, or in-office politics.

I work with great girls, great clients, and a great boss; at 25 I have worked enough jobs to know that this is a rare and beautiful thing.

It’s more than good manners that makes me thank Mary after a great day at Funhouse – I feel lucky to work for an amazing, understanding woman whose number one priority is that I feel safe, happy and appreciated.

She understands the importance of client/worker chemistry.  You’re not going to click with every client, but if you don’t, it’s no drama, you just ask not to see them again.  And if you do, well, congrats – you now have an awesome regular.  I have been at Funhouse just under two months and I already have a couple of clients that I legitimately look forward to seeing because I really enjoy their company.

As Mary has pointed out, not all women are as sexually intrepid as I am.  And while sex work isn’t for everyone, if you are a sexual adventurer like myself – Funhouse should be your first port of call.

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