I have been working at Funhouse for a little over a year now and not once have I regretted it. A friend of mine made the wise decision well before I did to come work at Funhouse, and her experience convinced me that sex work could be a good option for me. I was back at university and sick to death of working crappy hospitality jobs for a paycheck that barely covered my bills, so after a whole lot of hemming and hawing I finally sent Mary an email.

When I first came to the premises for a face-to-face interview I was certainly nervous. Sex work was new to me and I wasn’t even that sexually experienced. The clean, warm and stylish bedrooms set me at ease, as did Mary’s gentle manner in the face of my nervousness. After my first session with a client I felt totally invigorated and confident and haven’t looked back since.

Mary is hands-down the best boss I have ever had. In fact she is less like a boss and more like the mother hen organising her chicks. You are always looked after and made to feel safe and supported, and you will never be pressured into anything you’re not comfortable with. 99 percent of clients will treat you with the utmost respect, and you personally screen your clients at the intercom when they arrive to avoid seeing somebody who may know you.  You can work basically whatever hours you choose so the flexibility is great for students. And of course the money is fantastic.

If you think that sex work is for you and want to work for the best of the best then I highly recommend Funhouse.

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