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Thinking about working as an escort?

If you have ever thought about being one of the highest paid escorts in Wellington then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Are you looking for ridiculously well paid work with New Zealand’s most respected and experienced Madam in premises that are envied by all, in an environment that nurtures and supports your every life choice?

Funhouse now has four luxury king-size bedrooms, ensuites and four dedicated sensual massage rooms, and still you will only ever be seen by the client that has booked to see you. We have three staff rooms, endless wifi, the largest wardrobe ever in the sex industry and the luxury of choosing between ‘on-shift’ and ‘on-call’ or a mix of both.

We are not merely an apartment, nor will you have to travel in an elevator with others who know where you are headed – we are the only purpose built, high end agency in New Zealand. We protect your privacy and your future like no other agency in New Zealand.

Work at Funhouse

Funhouse is the most forward thinking, supportive, safe, fun, discreet and flexible high end escort agency in New Zealand, let alone Wellington! Funhouse is not a brothel; we are a worker driven agency that understands how important it is to have the happiest and most well paid women on our books. Women who operate best when they know how very special they are, and how smart they were to choose Funhouse.

Funhouse Women

Mostly our Funhouse women are students trying to juggle study, relaxation and social life with a job that pays them well and fits with their lifestyle, while taking away any of the stress associated with these essential components of their life. Often resulting in no student debt and better exam results.

Funhouse women are smart women who have discovered the most exciting secret in the sex industry in New Zealand.

As well as the information on this page, we now have a dedicated site just for women thinking about the possibilities of working at Funhouse –


Naturally, we would say all of this – but if you still have any doubts, read what women just like you have said in their own words about working here at Funhouse.

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