Why Funhouse Girls are Better

Lets cut to the chase.

There’s lots of brothels and escort agencies that will tell you they do it better.

So why is Funhouse so special and what makes our girls better than the rest?

Take your pick:

  • All our gorgeous, talented, and so so sexy girls are independent escorts – that means they choose when they want to see a client.
  • We take our own pictures and try and capture the personality and essence of each girl
  • The madam – Mary is the best in the business.  Almost 20 years of experience and Mary is using that to change the industry from the top – just check out the rest of this web site.
  • Our premises – don’t think brothel, think boutique hotel and you will get an inkling of what the Funhouse experience is like.

Not all escort agencies or brothels are created equally.  Our escorts are the best in the business and at Funhouse, we aim to lead – the others follow us.