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If you have a kink and wish to share it with someone, or find someone to help you make it more fun and exciting then we have just the women for you! At Funhouse our women choose the areas of sexy fun and exploration that spins their wheels so you can be assured that anyone providing kink or fetish services not only enjoys it themselves but has trained with MM (Mistress Mariah) to ensure they have a good understanding of each area they choose.

Whether it is simply wearing lacy knickers under your corporate suit, being used as a sex slave by your Mistress or receiving the golden nectar from a commanding woman we can cater. Genital bondage, spanking, erotic bondage with tease, some face slapping, SPH, forced femme, strap on worship and much more.

Whatever your kink is it will be provided with without judgment, if we can’t cater to it we will endeavour to point you in the direction of someone who can. But also remember it is YOUR fantasy so you must tell us what it is you are after, we are not mind readers.


 It is your performance review with your female CEO where you find out that you have not achieved anywhere near as well as you should have – oh what fun She will have with you, making you feel small.

Your girlfriend finds you wearing her knickers and decides if you wish to dress like a girl she will turn you into her very own slutty sex slave and treat you as such.

You have taken on a job tutoring your friends’ teenage daughter but when you arrive you find that she has more on her mind. She tells you that if you don’t do everything she tells you to do then she will make it known that you are a filthy pervert up to all kinds of no good!

You turn up for an interview and a beautiful woman awaits you, she offers you a drink but there is something in the drink you didn’t expect. After drinking it you are unable to say no to any of her commands, no matter how ridiculous or belittling they are. You are under her spell!

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