Come in for a session of cuddles, conversation, closeness and confidence building


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Everyone has different needs and desires; here at Funhouse we always try to offer sessions and services that cover the whole spectrum of these. There are many of you who are looking for a physical connection with no sex and no pressure to perform; the happy ending you seek is a heightened sense of wellbeing. Come in for a session of cuddles, conversation, closeness and confidence building, with a gorgeous woman wearing pyjamas or a cute little nightie, or perhaps shorts and a crop top – you could wear your favourite shorts and a t-shirt – clothing on both participants is compulsory.

A Funhouse cuddle session will be in one of our large luxury bedrooms with a beautiful, warm and smart woman who loves to get close and engage in conversation, hand holding, spooning, cuddling, back tickles, hair stroking – a session of friendly interaction that is intimate, caring and positive – totally non sexual but great for your mental health and your self esteem.

These sessions are wonderful if you are nervous of intimacy, inexperienced with women, want to find out if you connect with a particular lady before diving into a GFE or just need some positive touch and connection. If you get sexually aroused please let your cuddler know so that you can change positions until this subsides. This is quite a natural response but we ask that you don’t act on it.

Call us now and book some fabulous Funhouse cuddles.

Not all of our women offer these sessions.

1 hour $220/240
90 mins $330/360
2 hours $440/480

 The best girlfriend experience known to man!


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Marilyn Monroe

The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less.

Brendan Behan

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