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Are you looking for THE genuine Bi-double? A session with two truly bi-sexual women who are fully enjoying each others company, so much so that not a minute of your time is spent on small talk, just serious action and full on saucy entertainment.

Find out more here over at our Bi-Doubles page… 

Straight Doubles

Perhaps you are looking for a session of total self-indulgence where two beautiful Funhouse Escorts are solely focusing on YOU ! The Escort’s don’t interact sexually with each other, but YOU get showered with attention and worship.

Two hot vixens, two sets of matching lingerie, two sets of hands …………… and YOU!!!


Have you been thinking about spicing it up with your partner for a while, but don’t know how or who to invite into your private, intimate world?

Irregardless of you & your partners gender, if you book a Funhouse Escort for a session with you & your partner – rest assured this will be a VERY pleasurable experience for you both.

Our Wellington CBD premises are exceptionally discreet, beautiful & indulgent.  You won’t be seen by anyone other than the lady you have booked. Whether it is a couples massage or a full service bedroom booking – you will be well looked after at Funhouse.

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