Are you looking for THE genuine Bi-double? A session with two truly bi-sexual women who are fully enjoying each others company, so much so that not a minute of your time is spent on small talk, just serious action and full on saucy entertainment.

You enter and there, at the top of the stairs are two hot women, dressed to kill and already touching each other… hands in panties, nipples slightly exposed…you had better run up those stairs or you may miss out on some of the action.

But it doesn’t all have to be about sex does it? You might like to engage in a glass of wine and a chat for a while before getting down to business? Or perhaps the thought of a two girlfriend experience is your ultimate fantasy!

The sky is the limit with a Funhouse bi-double …

Straight Doubles

Or perhaps you are looking for a session of total self-indulgence where there are two beautiful women attending to your needs and YOU are the only thing on their mind! This is a straight double where the ladies don’t interact sexually with each other but YOU get showered with attention and worship.

Two hot vixens, two sets of matching lingerie, two sets of hands …………… and YOU!!!


Have you been thinking about spicing it up with your partner for a while but don’t know who to invite into your private, intimate world without risking what you have?

Have you done this before but are looking for a new source of inspiration, fresh energy to make it even better than the last few times?

If you book a Funhouse lady for a session with you and your partner you are assured that she will not be interested in anything but making this an excellent experience for you both.

The Funhouse ladies who see couples are more than happily bi-sexual and also very skilled at everything they do.

If you are looking for somewhere for this to happen our Wellington CBD premises are exceptionally discreet and known as the nicest premises in the country where you won’t be seen by anyone other than the lady you have booked. Whether it is a couples massage or a full service bedroom booking you will be well looked after at Funhouse.

Drinks are complimentary and the linen is always fresh. Make a time to spice it up soon!


Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.

Marilyn Monroe

The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less.

Brendan Behan

I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.

Mae West


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