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Wellington Escorts | Funhouse

At Funhouse several of our Wellington Escorts specialise in services that cater to an array of bodies & sexualities.

All of our escorts are kind with an honest & open desire to provide the best pleasurable experiences within our walls here at Funhouse – especially those that help us connect to our own bodies & presence in learning pleasure.

A handful of our ladies are gender fluid & queer, confidently able to offer well-experienced services from Sensual Massage to full service, right through to Dominatrix sessions. If you’re feeling extra self indulgent, you could even book two of our queer providers for a very steamy session.

If you would like to reach out and make a booking, respectfully only some of providers are queer so make sure to check in on their profiles or with Mary. Mentioning anything further you may need in this session enables us to offer you the best experience here, guiding you in a safe space to indulge and connect to your body.

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