PVC Girls

Have you often daydreamed about being tied and teased by a PVC clad Goddess? Tied up, visually excited, touched all over without being able to reciprocate apart from some soft moaning and a throbbing, eager member!

Do you imagine this Goddess strutting around in front of you, telling or showing you what she is going to do with you when she finally allows your hands to be free? Explaining what she expects from your tongue, your hands and your other usable bits!

Or perhaps your fantasy is more about being cuffed and blindfolded and having your senses heightened and titillated completely with the feel of her hands on you, her breasts pushing against you, her pussy in your face surrounding you with her essence?

Maybe you just love the thought of a gorgeous woman dressed in PVC, all sleek and black, boots up to her thighs and a high shine embracing her curves as she walks.

Whether it is a Dungeon session or a bedroom session all of these things are possible at FUNHOUSE. We now have some of the most gorgeous women in the country stepping into PVC and providing erotic, pain free Dungeon style Tie and Tease.

And remember that our dungeon, just like the rest of our premises is warm, luxurious and well equipped. AND we now have the largest costume wardrobe in this country; there are not many things we can’t provide.

Live out YOUR fantasy with us! Put yourself in hands you can TRUST! Or maybe even two sets of them!