Not showing faces


Recently I was involved in a situation in which a young woman was actively employed from her home country to come to New Zealand to work as a sex worker. She found an ad on a local website offering work, great money and great conditions to gorgeous women looking to travel to New Zealand.


Apart from the fact that many of the girls she worked with here could not speak English and were being made to work long hours under not ideal conditions there was no evidence of trafficking or coercion. The women all knew what they were coming here to do, they did not have their passports taken off them nor were they locked away or made to see men who mistreated them.


They were however encouraged to have their faces showing on their adverts. This is often the move of a manipulative Madam who will encourage young women to have their faces showing by saying they will get more work, or that they are furthering the industry by being open and honest about working in the sex industry. That it will help change the public perception of sex workers.


In the case of these illegal foreign girls apart from the obvious labour laws that are being violated by actively seeking women to do a job that plenty of local women have trouble making a good living doing, there is power play going on here that means if one of these women upset anyone they can be reported to immigration as working illegally in our industry – they can’t deny it as their face is all over their advertising. It might be a client who is trying to stalk them, or a client whose wife finds out they were having an ‘affair’ with her husband. It could be anyone for any reason. If your face is on your adverts you cannot deny it is you.


In the case of local girls who don’t have the risk of immigration issues and feel that at 20 something years old they know themselves enough to allow their face on their adverts for the financial gain of an unscrupulous Madam please think long and hard about this. If you are 40 and know where your life is leading you and you have enough life experience to be able to brush off criticism of your life choices then sure, show your face but in our early 20’s we are all bullet proof and know everything – don’t make a decision now that will impact badly on your life in the future.


Don’t get me wrong I applaud sex workers who are ‘out’ to friends and family and open about how much they enjoy being a sex worker and how different it can be to the public misconception of it but don’t put yourself at risk for your future by being all over the internet – those photos will never go away. It is YOUR life not your Madams!


And just an aside: When applying for work at an agency make up a false email address. Most of us are pretty honest but just like life in general there are the good and the bad everywhere. If you send from an email address that is your actual name it is easy to look you up on all forms of social media – just learn to protect yourself from the beginning.