CFO – Chief Feline Officer

While it sounds like we may have let a male into the hallowed halls of Funhouse, Kevin is actually a girl!  I mean you don’t get male tuxedos that pretty!

Sorry, Kevin is not available this week.

Since joining the Funhouse team Kevin has been involved in photographic assistant work, styling the ladies for their shoots and showing them how to pose. Kevin herself is a top performer, always perfectly groomed and a totally authentic cute feline experience.

Although she isn’t keen on getting her fur oily she will step in on four paws sessions, as long as you don’t mind a few scratches and more hair on your chest than you arrived with.


Age: 4
Size: Chonky
Height: 1’6″
Hair: Short Black and White
Eyes: Olive
Nationality: NZ European
Tattoos: None


Four Paws Massage
Lap Sleeping
CFE (Cute Feline Experience)
PSE (Paw Star Experience)
Back Arching Fetish
Fur Fetish
Passionate hissing