Funhouse – In The News


Here are some of the media links to interviews I have done over the last few years.


The first ones here are to do with the recent release of my book ‘Some kind of Fantasy’ – the media frenzy around the release was fabulous, magazines, radio, telly and national newspaper. Everyone who I spoke with in the media was positive after having already dealt with many of them before, and the newer ones were just cool and had a welcoming approach to what I had to say about the industry.

I thank these folk for their open ears and minds and allowing me to get some great info across to the public, from whom I have heard a lot of amazing feedback about how I changed their ideas about the industry and they look forward to hearing more from me.

I love people who allow me to talk about my main passion in life – i.e. The sex industry!—Some-Kind-of-Fantasy/tabid/506/articleID/92380/Default.aspx✓&q=mary+brennan,

This next group are news articles about the industry and a history of the sex industry in New Zealand for the National Library, there are seven hours of recordings of me for that – so you better love the sound of my voice as much as I do to listen to those ones. But nice to know I was included in the National history.

National Library

Then there are these ones – to show how the media can twist things to suit their own agenda.

The news agency that did this interview then on-sold to every country in the world that was interested in the rugby world cup 2011 so I was misquoted in many different countries.

Q: Are you looking to hire more workers to cope with the huge demand the influx of tourists will put on the sex industry?

A: We will have trouble getting enough work to keep the ladies we already have on the books busy. The rugby world cup will knock the work for the sex industry not increase it.

And the same went for the TV3 news report – same question, same reported lie.

So now whenever the media contact me for comment I tell them if they misquote me not to bother calling me again, it seems to work, the response now is always positive and honest.