Come Play With Us: Role Play 101

I love roleplay. LOVE roleplay. There are many ways into my knickers but the suggestion of a roleplay is 100% a sure thing.

But I hear from some clients that role play can be a little intimidating, so here is a guide to how to get started. Don’t worry – the only thing you need is yourself, a companion who is up for it, and a little communication.

If you think roleplay isn’t for you, it is possible a particular style or scenario isn’t for you, rather than roleplay as a whole. Roleplay can be subtle. In fact, many of us probably engage in it without really noticing: asking someone if they’ve been a bad, bad girl, for example, or engaging in some light spanking. 

Roleplay can also be fantastical, based on a particular film or character, complete with specific costumes, or it can involve no clothes at all, simply a situation or relationship. 

Roleplay can use an actual experience as a seed, transforming it, or it can bend the rules of time and space. It is a creative exchange, which you can enjoy crafting in your mind at length beforehand, but it also doesn’t need to be over thought.

Roleplay is incredibly versatile and really the only rule is consent. It can be elaborate, scripted, with multiple scenarios than are planned out, or it can be used as an entry point, a brief dalliance before the hot sex which follows. With this spectrum of possibilities in mind, here is an introductory Q&A. Feel free to fire some more questions my way. 

Is roleplay the same as cosplay?

There is crossover, but cosplay involves taking on the role and costume of a specific character. A scenario involving Ahsoka would be cosplay (full credit if you can arrange that outfit), but one involving a boss demanding ‘overtime’, or a hot MILF inspecting your handywork, would not.

Bear in mind while Funhouse does have a range of different clothing, if you want a specific character you will have to arrange an outfit yourself. 

Sci-fi is fun, but a little harder to pull off than something set in the here and now, unless you want to try out something with Firefly’s Inara, or a holo deck on the Enterprise that happens to be set in the finest brothel Wellington has to offer.  

Is there a specific roleplay room at Funhouse?

The decor of Funhouse is sensual, spacious, retro rooms with luxury beds, leather chairs and sofas, beautiful lighting and plenty of room to play out various scenarios. They lend themselves to a whole variety of role plays, from the decadent to the more lowkey, from the more kinky scenarios, to those closer to the domestic. They are an inviting backdrop, but you are the key ingredient.

Do we need props?

Roleplay can be as complicated or simple as you make it. It doesn’t need an elaborate set, costumes, or back stories. We have kink supplies such as blindfolds, masks, bondage restraints like hand-cuffs and rope, all of which can be used creatively, but you might find you don’t need them. At its core role play is a creative, sexy exchange between two people (OK sometimes more). It is about energy and dynamic, and getting lost in sexual narrative that also happens to be physical. 

Can I do roleplay in GFE bookings?

While it is true plenty of girlfriends enjoy roleplay, this is something that belongs in either a Pornstar Experience (PSE) or Kinky GFE booking, depending on the roleplay, and who you would like to see.

Can we do roleplay in sensual massage bookings?

Yes! The massage rooms are a great place for roleplay, as long as it doesn’t involve penetrative sex. Roleplay would also be considered an extra, so talk to Mary beforehand about cost.

How do I talk to a sex worker about roleplay?

I wouldn’t normally generalise about what sex workers want, but I am 100% confident in saying sex workers appreciate and enjoy clients communicating about what they want. This includes asking sex workers if they want to do a roleplay, and then explaining outlines and parameters of that desired roleplay. Start with the broad strokes and go from there.

Let’s say you have seen a sex worker a few times for GFE or a massage, and you want to dip your toes into role play with them. Ask them if role play is something they like, what role plays they have had fun with before, or if there is something they have always wanted to explore. 

If you are unsure of what kind of roleplay you want, and just want to experiment a little – say that. We are a safe space for experimentation! If there is something really specific you want – tell us.  Not all sex workers offer roleplay, or are experienced in it, but if it isn’t something she is confident doing, chances are she can recommend someone, or Mary can. 

If you are new to Funhouse, first talk to Mary. She will be able to tell you who offers roleplay, and who would be most suitable for what you want. Likewise if the scenario is detailed, you can email Mary and she can pass that message on to whoever is making roleplay / sex magic with you. 

How long are roleplay bookings?

As long as you like. If you are wanting something elaborate, where we need to do a lot of preparation, a longer booking is advisable.

Can we start the roleplay as soon as I enter Funhouse?

That can be fun but it depends on the roleplay and whether an in-person discussion is needed before you start. It definitely needs to be pre-arranged if that is to happen. 

A clearly defined start point helps though. It is common, for example, for a role play to begin as someone comes out of the shower (because showers still need to happen in these bookings), or even in the shower, if that fits the scenario. Also common is your companion leaving the room, and then entering again. Err on the side of simplicity here.

In my experience, discussing how it will start is more important than discussing how it ends, because once things are underway things need to evolve naturally. And, well, orgasm is a pretty effective transition out of a roleplay.

I want to try roleplay but I am afraid I might laugh, or the other person will laugh

I am going to confess right here that I have, on occasion, laughed during a roleplay, and not in character either (I have laughed plenty of times in-character). And honestly that only happened because it was so good, both of us committing so fully to it, and laughter built our connection rather than eroded it. Do not fear laughter. There are other reasons a roleplay might suddenly have to pause as well – the more you do it the more easily you will be able to move in and out of the roleplay.

What if I want to break scene to ask to do something else, or ask a practical question?

Firstly, one does not necessarily need to pause a scenario to ask a question. For example, you could ask for a condom, or to move to the bed, in character. This is not always the case if you are in a BDSM booking where pretending to not enjoy something can be part of the role play. In that case a safe word will be given anyway, but heavier kink roleplay is a topic for another day.

But, in any kind of booking, including a vanilla one, it is also absolutely fine to pause, say what you need to say, then dive back in.

Can I do more than one roleplay in a booking?

Some people do enjoy bringing a few different scenarios along, or play out variations on a core theme. This works if the scenarios are short ones, with orgasm toward the end of the booking, or, if you have booked a longer session so that you have time to recuperate between scenarios.

Can we do something scripted?

The question here is how much. Is a certain phrase important? Then yes. 

Is writing a dialogue an intrinsic part of the fun for you? Write it, and please share it, as it will help your companion get inside of it. Think of scripted dialogue as setting the scene and general direction of travel. As a starting point or memento of a good time, a script has its place. But it isn’t realistic for anyone to memorise pages of script, and you will probably find that in the heat of the moment you both riff more off each other than a script anyway. 

What if we start the roleplay and I get distracted by the sex?

We’ve all been there. OK, I have been there, and I have no regrets. Just because you start a roleplay, doesn’t mean you have to finish in roleplay. Roleplay is a powerful spark, an entry point, and a path to losing yourself completely in physical pleasure. It’s not uncommon to move in and out of roleplay, change tack, or switch to a more vanilla booking halfway through. Part of the joy of it is seeing where it takes you. 

What if I want to do a ‘taboo’ roleplay? 

The definition of taboo will vary from person to person, but nobody here is going to assume you actually want xyz in real life. As in your personal sex life, communicating the scenario you want before the booking starts is really important. 

Remember, if you are interested in ‘consensual non-consent’, that means talking about things beforehand, so that the ‘non-consent’ part is pure pretence, and there are no unwelcome surprises. This is also the case if you are the one in the ostensibly ‘submissive’ position.

On that note, if you want to radically change the scenario halfway through the booking, please communicate the switch beforehand. Don’t just start something different without saying so, or without prior agreement that a switch will happen. If nothing else, it’s confusing for your partner. 

This kind of scenario may be a little advanced for a roleplay novice – if in doubt, talk to us, and we can guide you in a direction that everyone will enjoy. 

This all sounds very serious…

Roleplay is as serious, frivolous, or debauched as you make it. Plot lines from a 70’s porn film are also welcome.

In the market to fix a leaking sink? You know who to call….


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