A Guide to Sensual Massage Bookings for Couples

A sensual massage is a deeply charged, erotic experience that can veer toward the playful and bubbly, or tantric like ecstasy. But did you know you can also invite your lover into the experience? 

Like any booking at Funhouse, a sensual massage has some parameters, as well as vast scope for play and intrigue. Some parameters are fixed  – no penetrative intercourse in the massage rooms being the key one – others depend on the individual boundaries, proclivities, and desires of the masseuse.

Couples massages are perfect for those who:

– are seeking an adventurous date night

– want to explore the idea of threesomes (or more) in a safe environment

– find the idea of voyeurism or watching their partner touched by someone else extremely hot

– are bi-curious, exploring their sexuality, gay or pan-sexual (same sex couples welcome)

– are looking for the ultimate foreplay

– want to pamper their lover whilst building intimacy and sexual pleasure

– are celebrating a relationship milestone

– just want to let loose


There are two main categories of couples massage: a ‘threesome’, or a ‘foursome’. Essentially, either one of the Funhouse superstars can massage both of you, or two can join in.  What is best for you comes down to whether both parties of the couple want to be massaged at the same time, or whether a partner wants to join in on massaging their lover too. Both are really great options.

Usually, if it is one masseuse to one person, we swap over to massage the other person half way through. If you want to stick to the same each the whole time, just let us know.

If it is one masseuse to a couple, have a think about who wants to be massaged first. You are welcome to go back and forth a bit! There is something to be said for taking detours and just enjoying the ride.

Like a one-on-one sensual massage, couples massages take place in our warm and seductive mid-century inspired massage rooms. The massages likewise include a full body sensual massage, body slides, and ‘Happy Endings’ – should the couples choose that (it is popular but certainly isn’t mandatory!). We have a selection of powerful vibrators for those inclined, and not to brag but we all give exceptional handjobs. The great thing about a couple massage is that the partner can also join in on that too. 

Also like one-on-ones, extras can really add to the fun. Kissing for example, and giving or receiving oral sex, multiple orgasms, and intimate touching of the masseuse are all on the cards (at their discretion – not all of us offer all extras).

The best time to discuss that is the beginning of the booking, or at time of booking if extras are an integral part of the massage. That just means  that you won’t be connected with someone who doesn’t offer oral sex, for example, when you know you will really want oral sex as part of the massage. But if you get halfway through the booking and feel a specific extra would be the cherry on top – speak up! Part of the joy of sex work is seeing where each encounter takes us. 

A tip for both people in the couple: talking to your partner beforehand about what you both want, what you find sexy about the idea of a couples massage, and any associated boundaries around bringing in another person, will make your massage that much better for both of you. 

Looking at profiles together is another way to make sure you both have a great time in the booking, that you are on the same page, and makes a great build up to the event itself. If you are having some trouble discussing boundaries, looking at profiles together can be a useful way to enter into the discussion – couples massages make a great gift, but not a surprise gift.

Not all Funhouse ladies offer couples bookings, but if you head to the escort profiles page on our website, you will see a ‘couples’ tag below the banner. That will filter the profiles to those who like to work with couples.  

Women – expect to be asked about your own boundaries and what you want to happen (or not happen), especially if it is your first time with us. It’s OK to not know! But tell us that. We do discrete check-ins well.

Remember too that one of the great aspects of seeing a sex worker is that there are very set boundaries in place around emotional attachment. This protects your relationship. No matter how incredible the dynamic and sexual encounter is with a sex worker, it is strictly confined to the walls of Funhouse. Liberating, right?

Also liberating – while we are nestled in the heart of Wellington, a short walk from many hotels, conference venues, bars and art galleries, we are an oasis, beyond the reach of gales and gossip.

Our entrance way is discrete, and we work hard to ensure the paths of visitors inside of Funhouse do not cross either. Feel free to tell your friends all about the pleasures found herein (excluding our location!), but our lips are sealed.