Virgin Wood – A Guide to Losing It


We can’t all do a Prince Harry, and lose our virginity with an older woman behind a pub. So let me begin by saying rites of passage are still rites of passage if they happen differently to how they are recounted by one’s peers.

‘Losing your virginity’ is an intrinsically unique experience, which, while it can be re/imagined beautifully in film and literature, suffers from the problem of the unreliable narrator. Stories told in the locker room are likewise skewed by collective narratives around how virginity should be ‘lost’, and even what virginity is considered to mean over different cultures and time periods.

The very concept of virginity is debatable, but while the association with purity may have weakened, that doesn’t mean the power of first sexual experiences have been diminished. Nonetheless, we do get to reimagine other ways of navigating sexual firsts, outside of marriage and messy relationships undertaken in our youth, in scenarios and timelines that we ourselves determine. 

What even is virginity

Virginity is a social construct, and there are lots of different kinds of sex that are powerful to do with someone else the first time, or even alone.  But let us just agree for the sake of this article that virginity is referring to penis-in-vagina penetrative sex, because that is how the term is used most commonly. Don’t take the technical description above the wrong way – we fully support and encourage the ecstasy of that kind of sex.

The caveat here is that we also welcome women clients looking for a first sapphic sexual experience, couples looking for their first threesome, or people looking to explore kink for the first time for example – and we love to pop all those cherries too. But I am going to focus this post on the more traditional concept of virginity, because some dear readers have asked for it. I will write about some other kinds of first times further down the line. 

Why sex workers?

There are different reasons someone might choose a sex worker as partner for their own personal ‘flowering’ (not to diss virginity, but losing it is not a deflowering), all of them valid.

For one, we are experts in sex and know how to use different kinds of sexual pleasure and sensation to get to another kind of sexual pleasure and experience. By that, I mean that jumping straight into penetration doesn’t work for everyone, and taking time with other kinds of sexual and physical intimacy can both heighten the feeling of penetrative sex, and relax any nerves that might be causing a barrier to the kind of sexual experience someone wants. 

Secondly, and importantly, we are not the crush / girlfriend/ colleague /hot girl in the band you might see around everywhere. While it is important for some people for the ‘first time’ to be with someone they love, for others that is a high stakes scenario that is too much. The love vs casual approaches are both valid, but sometimes exploration with a sex worker avoids complications.

Thirdly, you get to determine your own timeline. Just because the ‘right’ person just isn’t in your life right now, doesn’t mean the drive for sexual pleasure and physical intimacy is absent. Exploration with a sex worker does not impede meaningful sexual explorations with a partner further down the track – that is part of the joy sex with any new person –  the sex is new too. 

While sex with a sex worker has boundaries other relationships may not, the meaning someone gets from it depends on the meaning that is put in. Is it just a bit of fun? Sure. A lot of fun. Is it a kind of intimacy? It can be. In both approaches though the clarity of the relationship makes navigating virginity a whole lot easier.

Some tips for losing your virginity with a sex worker

Here at Funhouse we are experts at first times. When making a booking, you don’t have to tell us you are a virgin, but we recommend it. Letting us know will make your experience even better.  Sex workers are experts in calming nerves, we are non-judgemental, and we want you to have a really good time!

People lose their virginity at a huge variety of ages. We only ask that clients respect the law which requires they must be 18 or older. We may ask for proof of age if there is any doubt.

Kinds of bookings: 

This is one for the Girlfriend Experience (GFE), and you may also want to book longer than an hour, just so there is no time pressure. In GFE bookings there is no limit on how many times someone can orgasm, so no need to worry that it might happen quickly the first time – enjoy some wine and start again.

Alternatively, if you wanted to ease into sexual experience, for example sexual touch and oral sex, a sensual massage is a good option. This is a way of building physical connection and easing any worry. Note though, that penetrative sex does not occur in massage rooms, and that while things like kissing and oral sex are part of the Girlfriend Experience, they are considered extras in our sensual massage rooms. This is a reason many people jump straight into a bedroom booking.

Think about what will work for you and give us a call. If you are unsure, likewise, just get in touch and we can guide you through the best options.