Shorter days are coming

daylight savings


Daylight saving is about to finish and this is the time of year we get a strange mix of situations. It gets dark earlier so a lot of you lovely gents become more relaxed about visiting in the evenings as it becomes more discreet. The longer nights cry out to be filled with ravishing company. However, because we work by appointment only, the ladies are often at home, and by 6pm or so they decide to have dinner and snuggle up with a good book or binge some Netflix and go off call.

Come 7pm the phone gets busy with people trying to secure a nice erotic massage, or girlfriend experience, and no one wants to leave their cosy beds to brave the elements. So this year let’s be well prepared and book in advance. If you know that you are able to come in for an evening session, make a booking a few hours ahead of time so the lady is prepared, not yet slipped out of her lingerie, and looking forward to coming in to meet you for your desired session.

He who hesitates is lost – be organised and make some time to treat yourself.