A third man, and other delights

Cricket in Wellington


This isn’t what you think it is – unless that thing is cricket.

It may feel like Autumn is drawing close, but there are several more games of international cricket in Wellington, which means Summer can linger just that little bit longer. The next few weeks we are lucky to have the Whiteferns play England at the Basin Reserve. It’s wonderful to see women’s sport thriving, and to see it in person is best of all. I love the Basin Reserve; sitting atop the curve of the hill, drink in hand with good friends, and the drama of the pitch unfolding. It is idyllic. And I respect a game that enjoys both innuendo and tea breaks.

The upcoming games promise to be a particularly interesting test of skill and strategy. The pace of T20s on the 27th and 29th of March, balanced out with a One Day International on the 1st of April, feels like a perfect way to enjoy the last kiss of Summer. The timing is not perfect for those with a 9-5, but if you have to skive off work, know that we encourage self-care here at Funhouse and never judge – your secret is safe with us.

Lucky for me, Funhouse is nestled in central Wellington, so just a hop, skip and jump away from one of the best cricket grounds in the world. We may be an oasis of sorts, especially if that oasis includes a happy ending, but rumour has it we also offer the best lunchtime snacks.