For the love of Sex Workers

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I miss you. I miss the conversation, I miss your company and intimacy, I miss your touch (oh how I miss your touch), I miss the feel of your skin against mine, I miss the freedom you provide me to explore, and the pleasure you provide me in all of this. No matter your gender, sexuality, persuasion or the services you provide, we all miss you.

For some, the ability to spend time with you is an indulgence, for some it is a necessity. We all have our reasons; you are our companions, counsellors, confidants and courtesans. You love us in the moment and leave us wanting more, you hold us in your embrace and enable the vulnerable to be mighty, you entertain the basest of desires or provide the most sophisticated company, and you do this all with good grace.

The needs you satisfy for us are many and varied. Whether ordinary or depraved you accommodate our requests as any other service provider would, with a reasonable recompense for your work. And the impact you have on us is profound; those who are involuntarily celibate are able to experience intimacy, those who seek more from their relationships can safely have it, those who need companionship can participate in it, and the thrillseekers can have some fun in a safe and consenting environment. Except sometimes it is not reasonable, the conditions are poor, there is risk to your safety, or we are badly behaved. To those to whom this applies, the asses among us, stop it, just stop. Behave yourselves. Be a good human.

For my own part, I have had the good fortune to meet and spend time with the most wonderful women, interesting and informed, articulate and attractive, coquettish and challenging, and every one a beautiful person who shared some of their humanity with me. I have learned to be a better man because of you, and have picked up some skills along the way.

Thank you for providing a physical and psychological safe place, for the fun, love and careful attention you have provided me over time.

Some of us will subscribe to your online services, some will save our pennies and see you when we can, some will make and pay for bookings in advance, or bookings which we know won’t happen at all. But all of us will wait to see you again, when it is safe for us both, and we will say thank you.