Sugaring – the pros and cons


A recent surge in young women being taken advantage of on seeking arrangement and sugaring sites has led to a concerted effort to get info out there to make those young women realise what they are getting themselves into. It IS sex work! And the sugar daddies are clients looking for young naïve women with no one to explain how this should all work.


I have just loaded a version of this on to our FAQ page on the only private site in the world dedicated to people looking for work in the sex industry.


Are you trying to decide between escorting and sugaring?


If all the stories you read on the internet about sugaring were true then everyone would be doing it. If you are considering sugaring as a way of making extra income then please don’t fool yourself into believing it is not sex work! It IS sex work, we call it the soft edge of sex work and many young women fall into it as a way of making money without being a sex worker. Unfortunately all you are doing is fooling yourself and setting yourself up to be taken advantage of by men looking for naive young women just like you.


Here are some things to understand about sugaring:


  • You will be expected to put in a lot of time and performance for a generally meagre amount of money or perhaps gifts in exchange. You can’t pay your rent with gifts.
  • Sex will be expected and more often than not it will be expected without protection. Sugar daddies are not ONLY having sex with you, no matter what they tell you. And often the ‘gifts’ they bought you will be lingerie that they hope to see you in.
  • You will often have no one who knows what you are doing and therefore no one to talk to about this, ask advice from or help you understand and set boundaries and prices.
  • Many sugar daddies are sex worker clients who have been banned from reputable escort agencies for pushing boundaries and being less than respectful. Or have stopped seeing escorts because escorts refuse to be that taken advantage of.
  • All the time you are spending with a sugar daddy is time that you will be expected to be on your ‘best’ behavior, meaning they will expect you to be witty, charming, and ‘into them’. This is the work that escorts do for short, set amounts of time and get well remunerated for.
  • If you are reading this and you still decide to go down the sugaring route, please at least make a visit to and seek their advice and support. They are an amazing bunch of people whose only interest is your physical and mental health.
  • We have had many women over the last few years who started out doing sugaring and gave up to become professional, informed sex workers and found it so much easier and more lucrative.