In self defence

So here we are teaching and training all of our wonderful women to be the best little courtesans/escorts that they can be. Training for massage, training for porn star, gfe and tie and tease, how to run a session, how to put on a condom without anyone noticing and what to say if some idiot tries to coerce them into not using a condom or tries to be rough.


I am the guardian with the great gut instinct and anyone I don’t like the sound of doesn’t get an opportunity to even meet our ladies let alone hurt or harass them.


BUT even I can be duped sometimes. The other week someone booked later in the evening, just past our opening hours actually but one of our ladies was happy to see him at that time so I made the booking. He sounded polite and well spoken and ticked all the boxes of an OK new client. He arrived five minutes late but was gracious enough to alert me that he was having trouble finding a park.


He arrived and continued to be nice enough until half way through the booking when he had been told for the second time that sex or oral without a condom was not going to happen, this is when his true colours came out, he got aggressive and abusive. Thankfully I teach all Funhouse ladies from their first day never to put themselves in a position that may get out of hand, do the cute and assertive ‘No’ then the more assertive ‘No’ then leave the room if that hasn’t worked.


Thankfully our lady followed these instructions and left the room so I then dealt with him and told him to leave – after dishing out a strongly worded Mary style berating!


But what would happen if the aggression had started without any warning? In 20 years as a Madam I have never had a girl hurt, but I have been there plenty of times in my early days to clean up when some less responsible receptionist has not followed guidelines I had set to keep women safe. It is not pretty, nor do I believe it needs to happen at all – sex workers while working are generally safer than a woman walking home at night alone, or a woman on a date with some guy with evil intentions, because they are in control from the moment the booking starts. Their instincts are stronger and they are on a higher alert for unusual behavior.


But is that enough? No it isn’t – men are generally stronger than women, even a small man with a sexual urge could overpower a strong woman. Sexual urges can make for increased strength and single-mindedness.


So as of this weekend we are having self-defence classes for our ladies to learn how to protect themselves in the event of any such unacceptable situation and of course this will give them skills for their personal lives as well. I have looked into this over the years but not many of the ladies were keen to have some random self defence instructor teaching them, but now we have our own. Amongst our ranks is a skilled martial arts and self defence Goddess who is only too keen to train up her fellow workers. It is something that I would also love to include eventually when I am able to provide full on training courses for Sex-workers.


But one step at a time.