Part two


And as a close follow up to my post yesterday which was supposed to be a two part mystery – the forum situation can be a nightmare for sex workers. They either have to be active on the forum and schmoozing all the time or risk being called snobs as we seem to have become to any regular forum posters because I strongly discourage our ladies from being on the forum.


‘It will suck your life away’ is usually what I say when they ask if they should be on it. And unless there is a whole army of girls backing each other up and shimmying their way into the hearts of the regular forum dudes then it is a lonely and hostile world. And in actuality the forum is not somewhere that we are liked or welcomed as we are too expensive for the regular posters who spend most of their life on the forum looking for bargains.


So to follow up on the post yesterday on ‘bleeding’ the life a female sex worker can be fraught with fear about reviews if they have had an encounter that was less than successful and let’s face it NO-ONE will get on with 100% of people they meet in any area of life, so I am grateful that the vast majority of our fabulous patrons are too smart and too busy to do reviews on public forums. And I thank those of you that take the time to text or email me personally when you have had an exceptional session or spent time with a new lady and understand how important it is for me to get feedback from you to know if we are heading in the right direction.


Here is a link to a post I found a while ago that speaks of the effect of forums in a far more fabulous way than I could pen now while my dinner is burning in the oven.


the who’s who of punter forums