That old chestnut!

So it keeps on coming up – the elephant in the brothel room – the ‘no condom’ issue. Why oh why don’t people understand that a mouth that goes on one naked cock is going to go on a whole bunch so every time you put your unprotected penis in the mouth of someone who allows that then you are sharing that mouth with a whole number of other men who have shared their penises with a whole number of other mouths who have shared their mouths with a whole number of other cocks and so it goes on and on and on until your wife catches something and your marriage falls apart and your knob rots off – the last bit is just the part that makes me smile. Not sure that knobs actually get to the rotting completely off these days with all the medical wizardry we have at hand.


But of course all of you out there that engage in this practice like to think you are the ONLY one that woman is doing it with so you are completely safe – you are all idiots!!


Here we are in the best country in the world with a world-leading model of decriminalisation and there are hundreds, possibly thousands of you trying to sabotage it by committing this most stupid and unnecessary act that is now getting the police involved in our industry that we fought so hard to get them out of. Apart from the fact that they have more important and pressing matters to be dealing with, it only takes a few less than honest cops to create a lot of fear once they have that power again.


Yes that is right – people are being arrested for not using condoms in paid sexual activity. It is after all illegal as well as idiotic, so why are there so many of you that are trying to ruin such a huge human rights issue as sex work because you can’t bear wearing a very thin layer of latex on your brain – oops sorry – your other brain!


So far it is mainly sex workers being arrested and charged under the PRA but how long do you think that will last? Soon it will be clients getting set up and arrested – just think about this the next time you meet a new sex worker who agrees to you paying more for unprotected sexual activity – is she actually a sex worker? Are you about to be cuffed and carted away and your family and friends finding out that not only do you visit sex workers but that you are one of the ******* that is creating a huge demand for this service and pressuring sex workers to provide it.


I get so confused by men who hold down ‘good’ jobs and are ‘educated’ that ask for this service and then say “I didn’t realise there was any risk” Jesus f****n Christ and you guys are running the world!!??? This doesn’t mean that uneducated men get off any easier in the ‘tarred with the stupidity brush’ stakes.

It makes me so angry my head feels like exploding.