New things afoot in the industry!


As far as I am aware there has never been an internship available in this industry. You want to start up an agency you are on your own buddy!


BUT a wee while before Christmas I was contacted by a smart and fabulous woman who wants to open a sex positive and female positive, high-end agency and through all her research she was pointed in my direction.


After asking her all the questions that many who think this industry is a license to print money, never look into – she answered with all the right information having already researched a whole bunch of pertinent things.


Dates were set for her to come and work alongside me and learn what it is that makes Funhouse so very special. She arrived full of questions, enthusiasm, smarts and the most STUNNING homemade goats milk cheese – this woman is VERY canny. She had me with “Do you like cheese?”.


Two weeks later she went home with a head full of new ideas, inspiration and better work stories – having saved herself at least $50,000 worth of possible mistakes in her first year alone and insights that not even those already operating their own agencies have. This wonderful woman now has the ability to attract the best women and clients available in the area she has chosen.


She is coming back early this year for more training – possibly in the dungeon – possibly not – but whatever she does I say watch this space for word of where she is about to start up as she will cause a stir – in the best possible way.


And there are more training opportunities to come – from the woman who wrote the very first brothel training manual for workers 19 years ago and continues to lead in all areas of our fabulous industry!