Sad but true!


Some people think it is great that we sit in the price bracket that we do and others are gutted because we are just out of their reach and still others think we are rude and arrogant to believe that any woman could possibly be worth such a price tag!


There is an interesting but disturbing thing that has happened since we have opened our Mohtel brand in the medium price range, we are attracting a huge new clientele and while most of them are really lovely and respectful there are a far larger percentage of them that push the boundaries than there ever has been at the Funhouse prices.


Is it a thing that the less you pay the more you expect? And I don’t mean that Funhouse clients expect a bad service for more money but there are many new clients who think that if you book a half hour and pay $200 you should get 45 mins, and if you pay for 45 mins at $240 you should get an hour etc. You wouldn’t ask your lawyer or accountant to do that would you?


Then there are the higher percentage of clients who think they should be allowed to shag a girl senseless for 50 minutes of the hour, there are far more ‘let’s not use a condom’ instances in the medium range too. Rough clients are more common and I don’t mean they mess the girls up but they don’t think about things like long fingernails inside a woman’s vagina, or that vigorously fingering someone for an hour might have long term damaging effects on that woman’s body, let alone render her unable to work for the next few days.


Then there are those that try to avoid using condoms that I tell off so they mend their ways in that area only to push boundaries in other areas, fingers trying to get into anal cavities, trying to deep throat some poor unsuspecting girl who has a huge gag reflex and so on!


I encourage and train all of our ladies both Mohtel and Funhouse to try and preserve their vaginas; it is after all the only one they ever get. I encourage them to train clients to use pressure that isn’t going to break them, to show clients how gentle to be with all of their body parts, and to encourage men to have short tidy nails or otherwise allow no entry! Some girls get the hang of this quickly and are able to take control immediately but others are young and impressionable and just want to do a great job. These girls feel that the client is paying a lot of money and they need to try their best to satisfy him even if it risks damaging them. Even though when I explain they aren’t selling their body but a service it can take a while for it to hit home.


I have told off, warned and banned more clients through Mohtel in four months than I have in 9 years of Funhouse. I hate having to be the one nagging and berating and educating men about the finer points of spending time with a woman, but with a higher number of men thinking they are bullet proof and that their penis is gold it has become a part of my madam duties to be the Grinch that stole their boundary pushing fun.


The problem is that so many sex workers ‘put up’ with treatment that they shouldn’t so clients think every woman loves it that way. A high number of sex workers are in the under 25 age bracket and have less life experience than more mature women so they are less likely to be able to speak up or look out for themselves in the best way.


It was a big decision to head back into the medium price range and I am certainly glad we have but it is a worrying thing that the level of respect for the ladies seems less certain than at the higher end. It makes me tremble with worry for the women working at the $200 or $160 an hour range. I have worked in that area for six years when there was only parlours or the street and so the clientele were a very mixed bag, but many of the clients I dealt with in those early days who were respectful and fabulous back then have become good regular Funhouse clients.


I have my theory for why this happens but it will not make any difference to those who are in the annoying category as they won’t be the ones reading this. All I can do is keep training up the ladies to take control and thank all of you who are just fantastic men and awesome clients – I know you will be the ones who read this and shudder like I do at the thought of it all, so keep on being wonderful and making sex workers feel valued and appreciated because that is certainly how we feel about you too!


If anyone reading this thinks it may apply to them please have a think about what I have said and adjust your attitudes and treatment of the women you see, the latest training we are providing is “If you wouldn’t put up with it in your private life, then don’t put up with it here”