Most boys are thinking at this time of the year about what style of moustache they are about to grow for Movember, and most sex workers are thinking “Oh crap it is almost time for Movember!!”


The first couple of weeks while you are growing a piece of stubble on your face is an absolute nightmare for sex workers who provide kissing or receive oral – guess why??? It is like 80 grit sandpaper on their private parts or their delicate face skin.


I see girls come out from bookings at this time of year with a red rash around their mouth and they don’t have to show me where else that same rash might be, but they do mention it!


Guys we all support better health for men but please support better health for women too because Movember is not a part of it. If you see sex workers on a regular basis then please refrain from growing prickly stubble at this time of year and just give generously to the charity boxes or for goodness sakes get yourselves checked out more often – just like women do. Don’t rely on a national month of enforced masculinity to find out if you have a health problem.


I am considering this year imposing a tax on men who arrive with a nasty stubble on their face and expect girls to French kiss and receive oral – I would much rather not apply this tax as it would be so amazing if you guys actually thought it through without having to be hit in your wallet.


Point made???


I hope so!!