More than meets the eye

Following up on my last post about not using condoms or trying to coerce sex workers into not using them here is an article about the legal side of this argument. The truth is guys you can be more than just fined, you can be plastered all over the internet.


There are bound to be a lot of people saying how unfair this is and that the sex worker is at fault more than he was as it was her job to know the law and espouse the virtues of it to him a first time user – how could he possibly know it was illegal to have unprotected sex with a professional sex worker? One would have to think that he should have been smart enough to know it was just plain stupid to stick his uncovered penis into a stranger and that should have been enough to stop it happening.


The thing that baffles me is that there is a lot missing from this story – we are ONLY hearing his side of it and I have been around long enough to know that the media will always take the OTHER side when it comes to sex work! I also know that it is a long, hard battle for a sex worker to get to this stage and win the case.


Also just have a think about the language the reporter has used ‘prostitute’ is no longer the acceptable term for a modern sex worker – it has been ‘sex worker’ ever since the reform and any reporter worth their salt should know that and use the correct term, but I am sure they realise that ‘prostitute’ conjures up a much scarier picture in the minds of the public who are no doubt now all feeling very sorry for this young man and his ruined life!


Just as I have been misquoted by the media to serve their own purposes I have a niggling feeling that there is way more to this than meets the eye.


The bottom line though is that it is fabulous that this is so public – it MAY make some of the idiots looking for these services think twice – although I doubt it will have much effect on most of them – just like some are saying about Chris Cairns “some people believe they will never get caught out!!”