Am I a Funhouse fanboy?

Regular readers of this blog site will have seen a few contributions from me over the last couple of years where I have espoused the virtue (well you know what I mean) of Mary and the Funhouse girls. Some of you may think I’m on retainer or am Mary’s alter ego, but I can assure you I’m neither. I am a punter, a client, a guy who has indulged in this brilliant but expensive pastime in New Zealand, Australia and a couple of other places.

When I look around the local industry in NZ, there are a number of options for those seeking financially procured romantic engagements. I won’t name them, you know who they are, or Google can help you out, but they are worth checking out as a comparison. There are a couple of decent websites out there, but the quality of the service behind the sites doesn’t meet the image. Conversely there are a few good operators who have really average websites.

For an idea on what great looks like, go to or I really like the new Mohtel site. Ease of navigation, great content, awesome pics (loving the backgrounds) and links to social networks (pro tip – follow @Funhouse_WGTN on Twitter). All supported by a fantastic service, in an amazingly stylish environment, and possibly most importantly, where the online content matches reality. So often the published photos, descriptions and locations are so different you might wonder if you’re in a parallel universe.

I’ve reached a point where I’m just bloody tired of photos not matching reality (airbrushed or of a different person), dubious descriptions, overstated services, shabby premises and dodgy locations. I want quality. I want an experience that I am happy to remember, not one where I think I could have spent the money better. (Have you ever ended up in the brothel attached to the strip joint and thought you should have gone home for a wank?)

With Funhouse and Mohtel it’s a case of under promise and over deliver. Even as a regular Funhouse visitor, last time I was stunned by the stylish, intelligent and amazingly beautiful young woman I met, where the photos (as great as they are) did not fully prepare me for the experience I had. It’s not just the outwardly facing stuff, the supportive and positive working environment for the girls is great too makes an enormous difference to the whole experience.

So am I just a Funhouse fanboy? No. I’ve been and seen the shabby side of the sex industry (though there are limits to how far down the scale I’ve been). I am a fan of Funhouse for the amazing work Mary does, and the wonderful women who work there.

The Ambassador