Ashley Madison

The tag line is ‘Life’s short, have an affair’, and I can’t really disagree with the underlying message. In personal relationships there are trade-offs that we make; my wife/partner/husband doesn’t <Insert item here> but that is a small part of our relationship and not sufficient cause for breaking up. There are any number of reasons for dis-satisfaction with any number of aspects of our relationships, but the thing I don’t get is why have an affair?



Don’t get me wrong, I am in a committed relationship and enjoy indulging my predilections, peccadillos and (some might say) perversions at Funhouse and other such establishments. Not to dive too deeply into my peculiar psychology but there are things which don’t happen in my home life which I enjoy, and have the means to find elsewhere. The difference I see is that when indulging in some financially procured sexual gratification it is not forming an emotional attachment or bond, simply engaging in pleasurable activity. It is also doing so in a controlled and safe environment, where health and wellbeing are priorities for all concerned.



The biggest issue I have with Ashley Madison is the duplicitous nature of its services, that it is fostering dishonesty and unsafe behaviour in what can be an emotionally charged environment. It’s not the act of infidelity but the manner in which it is done. I guess I look at it as bad manners.



So instead of having an affair, visit somewhere like Funhouse. There is every (safe) option under the sun available, where you can find someone to suit your preferences, who will enthusiastically join in with the activities you have in mind, and options to suit every budget.

Life’s short, but if you can’t find happiness it sure won’t feel it…



The Ambassador