The media blitz



So after spending all day in Auckland on Monday doing more media I am starting to get the links through so I will post them as they come in.


This one is from The Hits with Polly and Grant and apart from being sped up to fit it in, I am fairly pleased with the outcome. The chat was actually more like 15 minutes because once you start me you can’t shut me up. But it gives them stuff to edit and play with. This interview was done a few weeks ago so it is good to hear it finally.


The ones still to come are George FM, which will be very lack lustre as they really weren’t sure why I was there, 95b fm Esther McIntyre a total delight, full of wonder and questions and bubbling over with positive energy. What a wee sweetheart she is, I look forward to hearing that one although being a student radio there was a chair that didn’t quite reach the microphone so it may sound a little odd, but these kids are pretty clever with modern technology.


The crowd goes wild with Andrew Mulligan and Mark Richardson was a fun way to start my day at 8.30 am, not being a morning person I was pleasantly surprised at how smiley and sexy they were in person – especially Andrew – telly really doesn’t do him justice, what a sparkle he has. Nice guys though both of them, and respectful with a hint of sarcasm and the expected amount of boy chat about Dommes, dungeons and fetishes.


Graeme Hill Radio Live what a GEM, well researched and interested in a different take on things – would love that type of interview to happen every week we could get through some serious issues and information. I think this one is Friday or Saturday night. A consummate professional and all round lovely guy by my estimation.


Then the Edge with Sharon, Clint and Guy, I am not sure if this was filmed too, I will know soon. It was a total piss take but nothing that I hadn’t expected. It was a great way to finish the day, lots of laughs and sighs and groans when hearing the answers to some of their questions about fetishes but I really enjoyed it and it will reach a different audience to the other shows.


So Far the media response has been awesome – finally (although I shouldn’t speak too soon) no one has misquoted me or changed my words to say what they were hoping I would say.


Guy Williams commented that although he didn’t know what to expect he wasn’t expecting someone who looks like his Mum – dressed in jeans and a jumper and not in PVC and boots. So maybe that is why the media are treating me gently because they have seen that I could be someone’s Mum, and by the sound of it if I had a kid he might look like Guy Williams!!