Exciting goings on at Funhouse


It seems the secret may be out – for a while now we have been working on a new plan to make the industry in Wellington even better than ever. We have been planning a medium price, boutique style, appointment only agency with the flare of Funhouse but with girls on shift so that even though you must have an appointment to turn up you are more likely to be able to book at short notice. ‘High end on a medium budget’


We looked at premises and had almost signed up when ‘light bulb moment’ I realised we have so much under utilized space here and we know the location works well so why don’t we throw in a couple more bathrooms – making five – already consented – and a couple more rooms – a second staff room with wi fi and quiet space for the studiers and readers, have really short flexible shift times, provide the same awesome environment and extensive training and wardrobe we provide for all of our girls and get this show on the road.


Then along comes Amanda Jameson needing a rest stop on her way to becoming another fabulous Wellington independent and ‘wham’ Mohtel started way ahead of schedule. Then Izzie got in touch and ‘Oh My’ we had one of the most stunning girls I have ever had the privilege of meeting on board followed closely by Minnie the cutest little GFE in town and Ruby the private schoolgirl with the wicked bedroom confidence – all of these girls getting instantly amazing feedback and immediate repeat bookings (The best feedback possible).


You can tell we started way before expected as our site isn’t even built yet which is not the Funhouse way but it will be worth waiting for and closely followed by a new Funhouse site.


To explain what is happening and how it is different from Funhouse, both Funhouse and Mohtel are working out of the same premises – at the moment – Funhouse girls are still only available by appointment but Mohtel girls are on shift so they may be available at shorter notice although don’t rely on that as these girls are already proving extremely popular.


Everything we do is still by appointment only so no-ones discretion is compromised whether you are here seeing a Funhouse or a Mohtel girl. You will still receive the same high level of service, stylish, clean premises, complimentary drinks, happy, smart girls, huge range of costumes and equipment etc.


What this means is that we can cater to more levels of client demand and spontaneity and also cater to the fabulous women who work best on shift that previously I have had to send to other agencies.


We aren’t yet equipped to cater to all of the women that are applying but many are happy to wait until we are as this is the only place they want to work – so watch this space.


And if you are wondering what direction Funhouse will take next – we have big plans that will make anything already seen in New Zealand pale into insignificance – very exciting times ahead.


And don’t forget my first book is released on July 11th. ‘Some kind of fantasy’ – lots of media interest and interviews already done ready for when the embargo is lifted and still some to do so I am a busy but very replete Madam.