Oh Dear – what did I just say?

So many of these – so many of them the same – why don’t they listen?


Him: can i know what is this??

otherwise i”m still interested.And how can i direct contact.


Me: What??

What are you actually asking?

maybe call me on 0272517511



Him: i want to ask you  regarding funhouse .Because i want to work at funhouse.


Me: Are you male? If so we don’t hire men sorry.



Him: Yes, you only hire female?


Me: No one pays for men – unless you are young, cute and gay. And before you say you will work for free like the other 10 men every week – no one wants free men either.




Him: But,i”m man not a gay and i will work for female not a man.


Me: You may want to read my last email then. NO ONE pays for men.

Good evening.



Him: OK..i’m ready to work for female..without pay



Me: So you are an idiot!!! And you can’t read – at least 10 men a week offer this – NO ONE wants it

Thank you and good night – I will not be replying again.