The unseen factors

There is a debate in progress on an adult forum at the moment about the differences between low priced and high priced establishments. It really is like comparing apples with eggplants unless you understand all the behind the scenes details and reasons for why each place operates as it does. And being an industry based on illusion ‘we the operators’ don’t necessarily want you to see that.


For instance: We take only about 5% of the women that apply to work for us, anyone who does their research wants to work at Funhouse due to the extremely good conditions which I can safely say no-one else provides. Sure there are many girls out there in low priced agencies that would be perfect Funhouse girls if they had come here first, but after working at a few low priced establishments it is impossible to jump into a high end agency and expect it to work. Wellington is a small city with only so many clients to go around and once a girl has been seen for $150 per hour it is a hard sell to get some of those same clients to see her for $400.


And let’s face it, as much as every agency thinks their clients are totally loyal to them, clients will go where they want, it is their money and they will look for the opportunity that most appeals at the time.


In reality we are only looking for clients that appreciate what it is that we do differently and can afford to pay for those differences without it breaking the bank, although that said we have many clients who aren’t huge earners but are discerning enough to know that they would rather come to us once a month than go somewhere cheaper once a fortnight. So the other side of that coin is of course the clients who really don’t care or perhaps think about the furnishings, the cleanliness, the discretion, the working conditions for the girls or the amount of effort gone into providing a business model that means the girls get to see far fewer clients for the same money overall as girls seeing client after client ‘on shift’ at a less expensive place.


Girls working in other places in NZ are still relatively well looked after (compared to countries where sex work is illegal) We are privileged to have such an open industry now with all kinds of support for sex workers when needed, but just as Funhouse girls who have never worked elsewhere are horrified to hear of normal working conditions in the industry, girls who have never worked at Funhouse have no idea just how amazing it is.


Then of course there are the girls from Funhouse who end up at other agencies eventually due to not getting enough repeat work or not being able to get their head around being ‘on call’ who are never going to extoll our virtues as that would make them look foolish. Also the fact that I personally keep two if not three other agencies at least half stocked with girls by sending the women that aren’t quite what we are looking for to them. If you had been turned down by Funhouse would you admit to the Madam at the other place that Mary had sent you? For me the important thing is the safety and well being of the sex workers, so I send them to agencies that I know look after their girls.


Could I be making a lot more money by offering a lower priced service and being able to take on 40 % of those that apply – Hell yes! It is a hard slog doing it the Funhouse way, but we have made enormous inroads into lifting standards in the industry. So many copycats – hell even spies sent in – that must mean we are doing something very right!


We have loyal regulars who have been with me as clients for the entire 19 years I have been a Madam. They have followed me wherever I go because they know that the girls who work with me will be happy and well looked after and to many of our regulars that is one of the most important reasons they love supporting us.


Remember too that on a forum inhabited mainly by men that can’t easily afford us, any opinion on this is going to be a little unbalanced. It’s not snobbery, anyone who knows me knows ‘I’m no snob’, I suffer from no superiority complex, I just like to do things differently and prove that better is possible – anyone can run a lower priced place, the challenge is making somewhere like Funhouse work, especially when those with the loudest voices have no idea why it does!