Understand understand



In my 19 years as a Madam I have learned a lot of things about people, men and women alike. In fact there is not really much that surprises me any more.


One of the oddest things I have observed with men is the ‘understand’ phenomenon. This is something that happens when information is being passed to a new client – as said information is being relayed they will say “understand, understand” as if they are actually listening to what I am saying.


This is ALWAYS a sign that they have not heard a word I have said and will do exactly the opposite of what I have told them. For instance:


I will explain that we operate by appointment only and how important it is to arrive exactly on time. Once a client says ‘understand, understand’ (the repeating of the word is very important here too I must point out) I know they have not taken in a word I said. This leads to me becoming a bit of a nag by going on to explain why it is so important to arrive exactly on time.


  1. If you are early you risk being ignored, as we won’t know you are there.
  2. We engineer arrival times to avoid clients seeing each other.
  3. If you are early we have nowhere to put you.


This is almost always followed up with another round of ‘understand understand’ Then I know for certain they will arrive at least 10 minutes early or late, OR text 15 minutes early saying ‘I am here can I come in?’


My main problem with all of this is not the obvious one but the fact that many folk don’t believe you can put people into boxes – well I am here to tell you that you can (and in some cases I would like to nail the lid shut) and the sooner that being an intuitive Madam and Dominatrix becomes recognized as the incredible skill it is the happier I will be.


Also watch out for New Zealand’s favourite Madam (yes ME!) in the March the 3rd Woman’s Weekly. A major change in attitude has begun.