Funhouse is a life changer

I’ve been a Funhouse regular for nine months or so and felt it was about time I shared some thoughts on the experience!


Right up front, I have to say what a different experience it is. Other places I’ve been have a “front of house” bar area where you mix with the girls and with other clients and this always seemed very awkward to me and hardly a model of discretion or subtlety. I wanted each visit to feel a bit special, like an incredibly hot blind date or a rendezvous with a secret lover. That’s the feeling I get when I go to Funhouse, every single time. When I meet a Funhouse girl for the first time, it’s that blind-date thrill and when I meet up with my favourite girl, it’s exciting anticipation of intimate time with someone I know I “click” with!


Another big difference is Mary — the way she looks after the Funhouse girls and customers is the stuff of legend. She truly cares about the industry and is a tireless advocate for it. It’s clear that she would do anything to keep her girls safe, happy, and well. And nothing is too much trouble in terms of understanding Funhouse customers’ fantasies and realising them whenever possible! While my fantasies are probably quite “mainstream”, I’m sure there’s plenty of scope at Funhouse for those who have more unusual desires too. And Mary is so easy to chat with, that discussing such things never feels awkward. Mary is a big part of the reason I’m now a Funhouse-or-nothing guy!


And the other huge difference is the Funhouse girls! I’ve not met them all, but the girls I’ve met are spectacularly beautiful, intelligent, witty, and vivacious. What more could you ask for? Well, there is one other thing: they’ve always made me feel like they’re 100% present and engaged in having fun with me and that our mutual enjoyment is the only thing that matters during the time that we’re together. That makes a huge difference and is the thing that really keeps me coming back. The girls at other places just haven’t met that standard. When I see a girl checking her fingernails while I’m with her that hurts. Funhouse girls always make me feel good while we’re together and I always leave on a serious high of endorphins!


So you might be thinking “That sounds great, but why is it that you call Funhouse a life-changer?” The answer is both simple and complex. After about six months of being a Funhouse regular, I reflected on what kept me coming back. I decided that the thrill of it was giving me a shot of excitement in my life that had been missing for a while. My work had become a bit of a “cruise control” situation and other parts of life were equally drab and/or draining. This insight has prompted me to shake things up a lot and re-prioritise things so that more of my life gives me the kind of buzz that Funhouse provides. This means I’m now on the way to a new city and a new job! The only downside is that the Funhouse experience is almost entirely limited to Wellington and I will miss it terribly!