The other side of the coin


After the overwhelming response to the last two blog posts from appreciative clients saying that it was great food for thought and interesting stuff – of course they were all clients who never commit these errors in judgment and good manners – but it made me think about writing a few more things from our side.


I also need something to keep my mind off the enormous lawyer bill we got this week for legal costs defending ourselves in a trumped up defamation threat after the Spy episode. I was going to write an updated report on the happenings in that case seeing as it also garnered huge interest and horror but in an effort to keep further damage to a minimum I have decided against it.


With regard to ‘saving’ sex workers, as some people seem to want to do, if people could see it from our point of view they may have a different outlook. It is a common and understandable question that gets asked of our girls “What is it about working at Funhouse that you like?”


The answer contains things such as:

“I get to work the hours I want to work”

“I can say yes or no to jobs or particular clients”

“Everything is provided for me and look around at the beautiful premises I get to work in”

“Mary is amazing to work for, kind, understanding and supportive”

“All of the other girls are amazing”

“We have a great regular clientele”

“We get paid extremely well”


Then we have men after hearing all of that who will suggest such things as “I own a café, I could give you a job as a waitress” or “I am about to open up a shop and I need shop assistants – would you like a job?”


Of course our girls are too polite to say but their brains are screaming out “Did you not hear what I just said?”

However while it is perfectly acceptable in the real world to have this attitude – after all you are potentially saving a young woman from a life of drudgery and desperation – it is frowned upon the other way around.


For instance when I was in Queenstown earlier this year we were waiting in a queue at one of the jet boat rides. The young woman giving out the life jackets and I got to chatting. She told me she was a student from Wellington who goes down there every holiday and saves hard to help with her student loan.


This young woman was in every way a perfect Funhouse girl, smart and gorgeous with a ‘get ahead’ attitude, the Madam in me had to work hard to not say “Let me save you from a life of low wages and long hours – our girls don’t have student debt”


How would she have reacted I wonder? Would she have screamed at me to get out? Called one of her bosses in to ask us to leave? Or would she have said, “Wow thank you for the compliment I had never thought of it like that and I never imagined I would be attractive enough to make good money”


But for me the risk of being seen as a pimp or a pervert, preying on young defenseless women is too high. We inhabit a world of secrets where it is ok to bring your beliefs and judgments in to us but heaven forbid we take ours out to the world at large.