The L Word


Human emotion is an unavoidable thing, it happens to all of us. However it needs to be kept in its correct place when visiting sex workers.


Sometimes it seems clients come to us looking for a girlfriend – urgh WRONG!!! Just because our girls are so naturally good at being your cute, sexy GFE for an hour or two doesn’t mean they want that to be a full time reality. Remember guys this is an industry based on illusion if these girls were actually your girlfriend they would have bad days, grumpy days, tell you to put the rubbish out and don’t come back for a while. You would see them in their slippers and curlers and face-masks, it wouldn’t be the fantasy that we provide here.


Thankfully we don’t have many of you that fall into this trap but there are some of you who consistently come here looking for a wife – saying things such as if you live with me I would look after you and you would never have to do THIS again! Well thanks for the support of the girls current life choice – have you ever thought about what that means? “I really don’t like what you have chosen to do for a living but if you come and live with me you won’t need to have sex with strangers in a beautiful environment for large amounts of money while being supported, nurtured, pampered and retaining your independence”


Let’s change what you are saying to what it means which is “Have sex with me for free and I will pay your rent and take away your choices”


Yes we do have men offering our women sums of money to stop working, and usually suggesting that they only see them of course! We have men who consistently try to ask girls out for dinner, lunch, away for a weekend – off the clock!


Step back for a moment and think about this, asking a working girl on holiday with you is great for you but for her it isn’t a holiday – all expenses paid – still not a holiday – she has to hang out with a man she barely knows who is wanting to have sex with her and touch her in public and she is expected to be on her best GFE behavior. So if you think you are doing her a favour by offering to pay for everything because she probably can’t afford it herself – wrong!


And how much potential income is she missing while away?


Working as a sex worker can still be lucrative if you are good at it and our girls are all awesome at it, which is why men sometimes get the wrong idea.


Sex workers give you their time for money – that is what you are purchasing – their time! Not their life, their body or their emotions. Remember guys it is a service you are buying not a relationship.


And please don’t mention the L word – there is no faster way to have a girl want to stop seeing you than by telling her you love her and ask her if she feels the same.


The quickest way to a sex workers heart is to be respectful of her boundaries and mindful of why you are both there.