I rest my case




See this is the kind of stuff I just wrote about today. This is why sex workers get nervous when clients get too attached or start mentioning the L word. Stalkers are too common in this world and they get dangerous, this guy is obviously a ‘nut job’ and his focus is on an unsuspecting woman who offers company and sex for money.


A hazard of the job you say? Possibly – but how lucky we are in New Zealand to have the support of the law and the legal profession, imagine all those countries overseas where the Swedish mess has been introduced and if this happened there is no real support or back up for the sex worker – or is there?


In a country where the Swedish Model is in place I guess the client would not have a leg to stand on legally as he would be outing himself instantly by taking this to court, there is the very first and I suspect ONLY thing that this ridiculously stupid and dangerous model may have going for it.


So having discovered and discarded the ONLY positive thing about the Nordic model – isn’t it wonderful to come back to reality and realise that we are in New Zealand and we have the best working model of decriminalization in the world. A working model where sex workers can go to the police or the labour department and be heard and fight for their rights as not just sex workers but human beings! And be taken seriously.


What a shame that this sex worker even has to engage lawyers but you need to realise that sex workers are even more likely to take a case against you than a woman you meet through a dating site or at a bar that you inflict this type of behavior on, and THAT is the beauty of our decriminalization model.


So get back on your medication, get a real life and leave good people alone.