New energy


It’s always nice to have new girls at Funhouse, our existing girls love it as much as our clients do. It is new energy and it always feels like new life is breathed in to our fabulous place.


Because we are so picky and only take on 3 to 5% of the women that apply it is extremely exciting to have four new girls in a row that pass the Funhouse test.


Daisy and Iris have slipped into their GFE roles extremely well, in fact so well I almost need a stick to beat you off in Daisy’s case and Iris being new with such incredible feedback – well who knows what may happen!


Then in our new erotic massage department we have the extraordinary Nina and the very beautiful Amelie providing sensual massage only. Nina is internationally trained and has skills we hadn’t previously seen at Funhouse and now I have her training our new and retraining our existing girls so Amelie is raised in the Nina school of body2body nude erotic massage.


I suggest you make some time to meet these new girls – NOW!!!!


And also don’t forget we now have 16 girls trained in erotic massage, 17 girls who provide full service and two girls in Auckland to visit you in your Auckland CBD hotel.