Sensual Massage Heaven

So finally Funhouse sensual massage has come of age. We have two rooms dedicated to relaxing hot oil fun and a ‘pop up’ one if we get busy. We have our little Massage ONLY superstar Elle, and a new ‘massage ONLY’ honey called Nina who has garnered hugely favourable reviews already.


The feedback is that we are the best – “Oh tell me something I don’t know” haha but if you are after the best then don’t hesitate to call us.


How are we different? In so many ways that even I am struggling to understand how badly everyone else must be doing this, every week we grow in new regular clients. Maybe we are just so good at providing perfection that I forget that no-one else seems to know how or even care!!!


Word from one new client:


I experienced my first visit today. Stunning facilities and the most wonderful company. I have travelled the world and visited such facilities and not come across anything as good! And the beautiful woman who accompanied me … There are no words to describe how she made me feel! Thank you from the very depths of my heart xx