Sensual Massage


As a guy who spends most of his time hunched over a keyboard, gets run around a squash court by younger friends once a week and spends far too little time at the gym, I have needed a little remedial massage from time to time. Lying on my front while half naked being massaged has occasionally resulted in a perfectly natural tumescence… and the attendant embarrassment when asked to ‘roll over’… But there is a solution as I have recently discovered; Sensual Massage.


A couple of weeks ago I was out and about for work, the week after a particularly gruelling squash game on Friday night followed by a weekend in the garden, and I was sore. I was contemplating my usual ‘on tour’ activity and not feeling quite at my peak when I thought ‘what about a massage – with a happy ending?’


I mean, I knew this existed, and Mary had shown me the Massage room at Funhouse a while ago, but I hadn’t really done this before. I wasn’t sure of the who/what/where and didn’t really know what I was in for or what to expect. Unfortunately I wasn’t in Wellington and couldn’t rely on Funhouse – where I know everything would be awesome – so I took a punt and made a choice.


And wow, what an experience. The best of two worlds; I had a great massage, with a little fun play and a ‘happy ending’, all with a very cute and very naked masseuse. Yippee! Being inexperienced in this I didn’t know to ask upfront about any ‘extra’ services which were available. I have to give credit to my masseuse that she wasn’t keen on any of her ‘extras’ once the massage had begun – knowing that men have a brain and a penis but not enough blood to operate both at the same time. Like a full service, its best to establish the ground rules at the start. Next time I’ll know, and some of them sound like fun…


Let me tell you I felt fantastic after the massage! It was really the perfect combo. Often I feel a bit beaten and bruised by a thorough massage, still a bit tense. But with this I was completely relaxed. The massage had loosened up the back and shoulders, combined with a mild euphoria from that other aspect of the massage.


Doing a bit of research on this new found aspect of the industry, it’s obvious that Sensual Massage has as broad a range as other sex industry businesses and providers. There are those who just look as dodgy as hell and you wouldn’t go near, and those who look like they are pretty respectable, and those in a class of their own (like Funhouse). I’m not completely converted as a preference, but to mix it up a little I will probably change how I get massages from now on…


The Ambassador