Ok so this is number 7 today…. I don’t always get this many but most days we have at least 2 or 3 women applying to work with us. Once they see our site why wouldn’t they want to be a Funhouse girl??


Then there are the numerous women who want to be Dominatrix, on average five a week. And don’t even get me started on the amount of men who want to be male escorts – for women only!


However our business model dictates that we have to choose a certain type of woman to work with us. A Funhouse girl needs to be smart, sassy, sexy, gorgeous, confident and with a certain attitude and a certain body type.


I spend an enormous amount of time giving advice and information about where these women who don’t meet this criteria could apply and how they should look out for themselves while working in our fabulous industry.


I would place my life on it that I am the only Madam who takes so much time to answer so compassionately, honestly and caringly and that I am the only Madam who actually turns away so many female applicants. I could say “No! Move along”! But this industry is my passion and human rights are my reason for living so I put in a lot of effort to make sure that everyone has access to information that will keep them safe and happy.


Here is a typical answer to an application for work with us. (And in fact this is a shortened version of what I used to do as I am trying to save myself time and possible defamation costs while still affording young and inexperienced women the right to helpful information.


Hey *********


Thank you so much for your enquiry and info and photos.


You look and sound like a sassy, sexy and knowing young woman, however to become a Funhouse girl there are criteria that have to be met to make it viable for you and us.


We take about 5% of the women that apply so unfortunately we turn down a huge amount of gorgeous sexy women who may do well in the industry in general but just not in this end of it. Funhouse clients are looking for body perfect (media style) PLUS smarts and a great attitude. However you may do really well in a place where you can chat to clients and promote yourself in a lounge situation.


My suggestion to you is go to the for info, support, free safe sex supplies and medical check ups. Go to them first before going to interviews in fact.


Contact a few places and get a feel for how they relate to you, if you like the sound of them go for an interview, if you go for an interview and don’t feel safe or happy about them then don’t work there. Trust your gut instinct.


These are a few places I would try first.


********** lower hutt – owned and run by nice women


**************** lower end pricing but I think pretty busy


************* in wellington CBD seem to be starting to get a name for themselves


************** they have an ok reputation for looking after their girls.


I would also just say that you should talk to the nzpc and read up about your rights as a sex worker and know your own boundaries and stick to them


There are city parlours too like the ****************, ******** and ************* (this one more by appointment actually)


Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to fire them through to me.