One of the most fun parts of being The Madam at Funhouse is shopping for the girls wardrobe. I can live my non-existant fashionable youth through these gorgeous young women and buy things I would love to wear or have worn but seriously I am sensible enough to not be Mutton dressed as lamb or even hogget! And I would certainly never have been able to squeeze all of myself into most of the dresses and costumes I buy for them.


I can buy clothes of all shapes and sizes and know that there will always be a few who will fit them perfectly, no limit on colours either as we have so many different complexions.


And shoes – well now you have me – I love shoes, but an hour or more in a pair of high heels in the dungeon is too much for my poor feet these days so to be able to shop for sexy, ankle and calf defining heels for our fabulous women is a pure joy for me. I am like a kid at Christmas when they arrive and then seeing them all displayed on the shoe shelves in the staff room aaaaaaaah!! Happy Madam.


But the crowning glory of all of this is when the girls come in and see them and wear them and love them!


My job here is done!