Questions & Answers

My questions are Why is prostitution good/bad? / Do you believe the sex industry is being treated unfairly compared to other workplaces? How? / Do you think the sex industry would be more understood if women worked in brothels instead of street prostitution? How? / Should there then be a sex workers union and do you believe a union would help society to accept the sex industry?


Prostitution/sex work is work and should be considered as such, people who choose to be sex workers should have that choice respected just as someone who chooses to work in a supermarket or as a doctor, a journalist or a fruit picker should be allowed to have their choice respected. The problem with sex work as a choice is that it makes other people uncomfortable – well sorry but it isn’t your choice to make.


Sex work is not a bad thing, unless you believe that sex is a bad thing! It is a necessary and helpful part of many peoples lives. It brings about an income for the workers and intimacy, stress relief and an escape from every day life for many clients. There are many clients of sex workers who are physically, intellectually, socially and romantically disabled, without sex workers their lives would be a lot less happy and healthy. Therefore they would be less productive, cost the country more in other services and just WHY???? When the answer is so simple. People wish to provide sex work and other people wish to purchase those services……. Do the math!!!!


The sex industry is treated unfairly by people who don’t take the time to understand it and unfortunately to really understand it you need to work in it or know someone like me who spends a lot of time educating people about the real truth about the sex industry. But even then without the right mindset all the information in the world will not make some people change their view on our misunderstood industry. The general public, politicians, small minded christians and many feminists need to realise that it is a huge insult to try and ‘save’ sex workers, they don’t want or need saving!


In terms of the laws surrounding sex work in NZ we have an incredibly good working model of decriminalisation which is being watched by the rest of the world as a possible way to go, as opposed to the ridiculously dangerous Nordic model that criminalises clients, it makes absolutely no sense at all, if clients are at risk of prosecution then what will they be expecting sex workers to do to help them minimise that risk – aaaaaaaaaaaah – so stupid!!!!


When dealing with government agencies and people like the police they are under law required to treat a sex worker the same as they would any other human being as after all that is what sex workers are. However if you are unlucky enough to be dealing with someone who has personal prejudices about your chosen occupation then that is unfortunate but it is the same if you are dark skinned and deal with someone with that prejudice, or a homosexual and you deal with a homophobe.


The PRA (prostitution reform act) is a first step, many things have changed/improved since it’s inception in 2003 (I have been a Madam for 19 years and was on the Parliamentary review board for 5 years after the PRA) so I have seen big changes, but breaking down attitudes of the general public is the biggest challenge,


Not every sex worker wants to work in a brothel, so why should they have to? Street workers have their part to play in the rich tapestry of life. If you speak with street workers then they will inform you that for them it may be the flexibility of hours, they can do one job and go home if that is all they want to do, there is a comradery on the street that many people possibly never find in life, they look out for each other, they have rules and regulations to keep themselves and their comrades safe.


And in a decriminalized environment if there is violence towards sex workers they can report it without fear of being arrested for being sex workers, and it has been proved that sometimes when there is violence towards sex workers and they report it then it turns out the guy is violent to women in general but the sex worker is the only one with the balls to report it. How can that be bad?


Also not every street worker is someone that a brothel would take on, some are less attractive than brothels are wanting, some have criminal records and brothels might not want that. But street workers generally charge less than brothels and high-end places like us charge more than brothels, so sex workers are contracted according to what appeals to the particular clientele.


Street workers are generally 1 star and that is what clients are looking for and what they are expecting to pay for. There are clients who would frequent street workers that could afford five star services but their sexual fetish is for lower priced sex workers. And we – in the high end have clients who are discerning enough to realize that what they pay for makes their experience a whole lot better but they can’t afford it as often as they would like but they will come to us once a month as opposed to going somewhere cheaper once a fortnight.


This is what personal choice and a decriminalized environment allows.


There will always be a place for street workers, just like there should always be a place for street buskers and cheap grunge theatres. There should be a safe place for everyone to ply their trade as long as what they are doing is an honest exchange of money for services.


I will answer the question about unions soon…. watch this space.