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Hi Mary,


I am a sex worker from detroit michigan. It’s very unsafe here, we have no rights and I have been searching for a place out of state that seems to be profitable. I came across a website that described New Zealand as being legalized in this field and the sex workers actually have rights so I am intrigued.

I would like to try flying out to make some real money. I want to know how much the girls make there, if there are places that can provide affordable housing while I am there? What do u need to know about me?

I am very interested and hope to hear from you, please let me know about how we are paid. Thank you.





Hey S,


New Zealand is being watched by the rest of the world with regard to our model for decriminalisation. I am the national ‘go to’ person for research interviews and lots of international docos, I have been a Madam for 19 years and was the only industry person on the parliamentary review board for five years after the law reform in 2003.


The US is a bit behind the eight ball with this but other countries are also pretty bad, but really America leads the way in backward thinking on this issue for a so called world leader. 🙁


Unfortunately it is not actually legal to work in the sex industry in New Zealand without residency – doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen but it isn’t legal, we are still fighting for rights for migrant workers but they actually get pretty well looked after anyway and speaking English helps.


You may find that although it is legal here it is not necessarily extremely lucrative as we have the same issue as the rest of the world with it being a slowing industry due to dating sites and different availability of women expressing their right to be sexually free. (read one night stands and random sex :-))


We (Funhouse) pay in the top end of the market with nothing needed to be supplied by the ladies apart from lingerie and their own make-up and we offer the most relaxed, safe and nurturing environment in the country – so quite possibly the world. Most of our girls are students or have their own business or other part time work. We fit in with their lives as opposed to the other way around. We don’t have shifts, the ladies come in for each booking and most only take one or two bookings in a day as that is all they want. Our clientele are generally high earning busy men who pay more for a level of discretion, class and the best and most happy ladies around. We don’t get drunks, drugged guys or many idiots – and if they prove to be not ideal they are not welcome back.


We only take about 5% of the women that apply as everyone wants to work for us but there is a particular formula that works here. Girls that don’t make the cut I give as much advice to as possible and send them to the places that will best suit their needs.


There are places that you can work on shift and do job after job (when it is busy and if you are good at what you do) and will provide accommodation but with that comes the lack of a life as they will come and wake you up if there is work and the work conditions will be way less supportive than us – BUT quite possibly still better than what you are used to.


I guess the most relevant questions are How much do you make now per hour now? per shift? Do you have fees taken out of that? What are the general conditions of work where you are?


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Most travellers incorporate working as a way to pay for travel as opposed to coming to New Zealand to make their fortune. However if you wish to experience a more positive environment then we are the country to come to. Or if you are politically motivated then come and learn how it works and take that back to your fellow sex workers so they can know that it is possible to work like this. Many of our girls didn’t realise it was ever even illegal and are horrified to learn that it still is in so many countries, the human rights of sex workers aren’t totally protected in NZ but you would be pretty unlucky to be mistreated by authorities because of your job choice.


I hope that helps answer some of your questions.